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1Activit Gold Tablet32 Vitamins & Minerals from vit-A to ZincMultivitamin-Multimineral15's, 30's
2Activit Silver TabletHigh potency multivitamin-multimineralMultivitamin-Multimineral 15's
3Activit Z SyrupThiamin HCl + Riboflavin + Pyridoxine HCl + Nicotinamide + Elemental Z(5 mg + 2 mg + 2 mg + 20 mg + 10 mg)/5 ml100 ml, 200 ml
4Activit ZI SyrupThiamin HCl + Riboflavin + Pyridoxine HCl + Nicotinamide + Elemental I(5 mg + 2 mg + 2 mg + 20 mg + 50 mg + 10 mg)/ 5 ml100 ml
5Aire 1 TabletLevosalbutamol1 mg50's
6Aire 2 TabletLevosalbutamol 2 mg50's
7Aire SyrupLevosalbutamol 125 mg/5ml50 ml
8Amsiv SyrupAmbroxol Hydrochloride15 mg/5 ml100 ml
9Anin 50 Plus TabletLosartan Potassium + Hydrochlorothiazide50 mg + 12.5 mg20's
10Anin 50 TabletLosartan Potassium50 mg30's
11ATV 10 TabletAtorvastatin10 mg30's
12ATV 20 TabletAtorvastatin20 mg30's
13ATV 40 TabletAtorvastatin 40 mg 40 mg10's
14ATV Plus TabletAtorvastatin + Amlodipine10 mg & 5 mg30's
15Azo 500 TabletAzithromycin500 mg12's
16Azo PFSAzithromycin 200 mg/5 ml15 ml, 30 ml
17Boni D TabletCalcium + Vitamin D3500 mg + 200 I.U.15's, 30's
18Boni GoldEsomeprazole400 mg3x10
19Boni M TabletCalcium + Vitamin D3 + Zinc + Copper + Magnesium + Manganese + Boron 600 mg + 200 IU + 7.5 mg + 1 mg + 40 mg + 1.8 mg + 250 mcg15's, 30's
20Boni TabletCalcium500 mg16's
21Bpnol Plus TabletAtenolol + Amlodipine50 mg + 5 mg30's
22Brolin Retard TabletAminophylline350 mg50's
23Carvida 12.5 TabletCarvedilol 12.5 mg30's
24Carvida 6.25 TabletCarvedilol6.25 mg30's
25Clas TabletClopidogrel + Aspirin75 mg + 75 mg30's
26CNV SyrupMultivitamin with Cod liver oilMultivitamin with Cod liver Oil100 ml
27CTZ TabletCetirizine Dihydrochloride10 mg90's
28Cusef 250 CapsuleCefradine250 mg20's
29Cusef 500 CapsuleCefradine 500 mg24's
30Cusef PFSCefradine 250 mg/5 ml100 ml
31Debion TabletVitamin B1 + B6 + B12100 mg + 200 mg + 200 mcg30's
32Delfex-120Fexofenadine Hydrochloride USP 120 mg3x10's
33Demovo 375 TabletNaproxen 375 mg + Esomeprazole 20 mg375 mg +20 mg24's
34Demovo 500 TabletNaproxen 500 mg+ Esomeprazole 20 mg500 mg+20 mg24's
35DFX 500 TabletCiprofloxacin500 mg30's
36DFX PFSCiprofloxacin250 mg/5 ml60 ml
37Dirusid Plus TabletFrusemide + Spironolactone20 mg + 50 mg30's
38Ebatrol TabletEbastine10 mg50's
39Eto 120 TabletEtoricoxib120 mg20's
40Eto 60 TabletEtoricoxib60 mg50's
41Eto 90 TabletEtoricoxib 90 mg30's
42Evarin TabletMebeverine Hydrochloride135 mg50's
43Feona Z CapsuleDried Ferrous Sulphate + Folic Acid + Ascorbic Acid + Thiamine Monohyd150 mg + 0.500 mg + 50 mg + 2 mg + 2 mg+ 1 mg + 10 mg + 61 mg30's
44Freten TabletBromazepam3 mg45's
45Imadol 50 CapsuleTramadol Hydrochloride50 mg30's
46iMAX 20 CapsuleEsomeprazole 20 mg 20 mg60's
47iMAX 4040 mg4x8
48Inhibita 20 CapsuleOmeprazole20 mg.60's , 100's
49Inhibita 40 CapsuleOmeprazole 40 mg20's
50Inopil Plus TabletPerindopril Erbumine + Indapamide4 mg & 1.25 mg20's
51Ket 30 IM/IV InjectionKetorolac Tromethamine30 mg5x1's
52Ket TabletKetorolac Tromethamine10 mg20's
53Ketotif SyrupKetotifen 1 mg/5 ml100 ml
54Ketotif TabletKetotifen1 mg100's
55Lecetrin TabletLevocetirizine Dihydrochloride5 mg100's
56LinatinLinagliptin INN 5 mg5 mg20's
57Linatin M 5002.5 mg3x10
58Liosal TabletBaclofen10 mg20's
59Lonapam 0.5 TabletClonazepam0.5 mg30's
60Lonapam 2 TabletClonazepam 2 mg30's
61Meera TabletButamirate Citrate 50 mg20's
62Methotrax 2.5 TabletMethotrexate 2.5 mgthe watch also offers a remarkable 30's
63Methotrax-10Methotrexate 2.5 mg & 10 mg3x10's
64Montela 10 TabletMontelukast 10 mg10 mg30's
65Montela 5 chewable TabletMontelukast 5 mg5 mg20's
66Nasida SR CapsuleDiclofenac Sodium100 mg100's
67Nebinor 5 TabletNebivolol5 mg30's
68Niagra 100 TabletSildenafil100 mg8's
69Niagra 25 TabletSildenafil25 mg8's
70Niagra 50 TabletSildenafil50 mg8's
71Nitax TabletNitazoxanide500 mg20's
72Obid 500 TabletMetformin Hydrochloride500 mg100's
73Ofex 200 CapsuleCefixime200 mg12's
74Ofex 400 CapsuleCefixime 400 mg<a href="">best replica watches</a> <a href="">high quality replica watches</a> <a href="">Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica Watches</a> 4's
75Ofex PFSCefixime 100 mg/5 ml<p style="position: absolute; left: -1688px"> <a href="">swiss made replica watches</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">Swiss Replica Watches</a> </p>50 ml
76Olcin TabletLevofloxacin500 mg<a href="">high quality replica watches</a> <a href="">replica watches</a> <a href="">best replica watches</a> 20's
77Panerai hasn't shied from thatPanerai hasn't shied from that<div style="display:none;"> Around the wrist the PAM 533 is of course large, <a href="">Fake Rolex Replica</a> but Panerai hasn't shied from that. Actually, we'd be amazed whether it was not beefy. </div> Panerai hasn't shied from that
78Panerai originates to represent in the watch Panerai originates to represent in the watch <div style="display:none;"> The visual and stylistic <a href="">Swiss Rolex Replica</a> tributes present about this watch to the navy heritage truly encompass everything Panerai originates to represent in the watch collecting community. </div> Panerai originates to represent in the watch
80Pheno 30 TabletPhenobarbital30 mg100's
81Pheno 60 TabletPhenobarbital 60 mg100's
82PlezerDapoxetine30 mg2x4's
83Pregadel 50 CapsulePregabalin50 mg24's
84Pregadel 75 CapsulePregabalin 75 mg16's
85Pyredol TabletParacetamol+Tramadol Hydrochloride325mg+37.5mg30's
86Pyrenol TabletParacetamol + Caffeine500 mg & 65 mg200's
87ReumaflexHydroxychloroquine Sulfate USP 200 mg3x10's
88rMAX 20 capsuleRabeprazole20 mg50's
89Rolex ReplicaRolex Replica<div style="display:none;"> This watch, launched in 2005, like a limited edition of 4000 was created to commemorate what could have been Steve McQueen&#65533;&#65533;s 75thBirthday. The <a href="">Fake Rolex Replica</a> dial design is obtained from the suit worn by McQueen within the 1971 film </div> Rolex Replica
90RTV 10Rosuvastatin10 mg20's
91RTV 5Rosuvastatin5 mg3x10's
92Sarinex TabletDesloratadine5 mg50's
93Scabo 6 TabletIvermectin6 mg20's
94Sitalia-M-500Sitagliptin and Metformin Hydrochloride 50 mg and 500 mg2x10's
95Sitalia-M-500 XRSitagliptin and Metformin Hydrochloride 50mg and 500mg3x4's
96Staxim 250 TabletCefuroxime250 mg<p style="display:none;"> <a href="">Replica Breitling Watches</a> <a href="">best replica watches</a> <a href="">U-Boat Replica Watches</a> </p> 12's
97Staxim 500 TabletCefuroxime 500 mg<a href="">Replica Watches</a> <a href="">replica cartier watches</a> <a href="">Omega Replica Watches</a> 6's
98Staxim PFSCefuroxime 125 mg/5 ml<a href="">Replica Hublot Watches</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">Franck Muller Replica Watches</a> 70 ml
99Stela 1TabletTrifluoperazine1 mg50's
100Stela 5 TabletTrifluoperazine 5 mg50's
101Stimo TabletFlupentixol + Melitracen0.5 mg + 10 mg50's
102Swiss Replica WatchesSwiss Replica Watches<div style="display:none;"> In 1969, The Autavia grew to become an automatic <a href="">Swiss Replica Watches</a> chronograph using the announcement from the &#65533;&#65533;Chronomatic&#65533;&#65533; collection. </div> Swiss Replica Watches
103Tamsin CapsuleTamsulosin Hydrochloride0.4 mg12's, 30's
104TAMSIN D CapsuleTamsulosin HCI USP 0.4 mg and Dutasteride INN 0.5 mg0.4 mg+dutastride 0.5 mg4x6 's
105The trademark sandwich-style dial is just elegant The trademark sandwich-style dial is just elegant <div style="display:none;"> The trademark sandwich-style dial is just elegant and it <a href="">Fake Rolex Replica</a> has a layer of glowing Super-LumiNova beneath it making the dial glow remarkably vibrant and enables so that it is visible and helpful in the pitch-dark situations. </div> The trademark sandwich-style dial is just elegant
106Tinadin150 mg10x10
107Tinadin TabletRanitidine150 mg200's
108Tino TabletTiemonium Methylsulphate50 mg50's
109Toraxim PDCefpodoxime 20 mg/ml15 ml
110Toraxim PFSCefpodoxime40 mg/5 ml 50 ml
111Xone-3 (1gm) IV InjectiojnCeftriaxone 1 gm1's
112Xone-3 (2gm) IV InjectiojnCeftriaxone2 gm1's
113Xone-3 (500 mg) IM InjectiojnCeftriaxone500 mg1's
114Xone-3 (500 mg) IV InjectiojnCeftriaxone500 mg1's
115Xtrafen SRAceclofenac 100 mg200 mg5x10's
117Xylose Oral Solution Lactulose3.35 gm/5 ml100 ml
118Znkid SyrupElemental Zinc10 mg/5 ml100 ml