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VISION 2020!!!


Delta Pharma's International business operation set its VISION for 2020 to win African markets and maximizing its existing business in Asian region by introducing newer molecules and taking the advantage from the TRIPS in between. We have a mission to catch the local business turn over by 2025. Though it's not an easily achievable one but we believe that its very much possible if we focus on certain development issues and necessary investment is possible.


A. Win Africa:


We are determined to tap into the African markets which have a huge potentiality for the company like us. We have started the process already by attending a sourcing Trade Fair at Ghana, West Africa in October '2017. We have already got some connection and working to continue with the product registration there. We are also planning to attend at least 2 such sourcing fair in the East Africa as well within 2018. We will give deep concentration to develop the African Market and have already established some contacts to start negotiation and registration process. We are expecting that Africa will start contributing in the Sales starting from 2nd Quarter of the Year 2018.


B. Asia Consolidation:


B1. PHILIPPINES: It is one of our main revenue earning market, we had started collaboration with Biomed Pharma Inc. since 2009 to register and import the Product Delta Pharma in Philippines. We got 38 products registration with FDA Philippines and a vmong these products we are having continuous business with INHIBITA 40 capsule, Ofex 200, Ofex 400, Ofex PFS, Liosal and ATV Plus tablet. We are ready to start registering new products right after getting the cGMP approval from the FDA Philippines that we are expecting to get within December 2017.


B2. VIETNAM: This is our highest revenue earning market since beginning and its business volume is increasing steadily. We are in a process to consolidate more business from this market by introducing more products registered with the VDA (Vietnam Drug Authority). In this process we also have signed an agreement with NIDQC for conducting BE Study of Azithromycin PFS with the Innovator brand Zithromax PFS of Pfizer, Italia for renewal of registration of the product with VDA.


B3. CAMBODIA: This country is one of the new addition in our exporting country's list within last few years. Though the market is relatively smaller than Vietnam and Philippines but it has great potentials as there are a few local Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Our business progress is also encouraging in terms of volume but price competition is one of the threatening factors in business as the registration process is still much easier and less expensive thus competition is huge from the small companies of the neighboring countries with lower prices.


B4. MYANMAR: This country was our first destination in the regulatory export initiative started under the guidance of our founder Managing Director Dr. Omar Faroque in 2006. But due to the long time delay in getting registration with the FDA Myanmar, we had less concentration to this market for several years. A couple of years back we send a team in a Pharmaceutical Fair to re-explore the opportunity and strengthen the communication to get some business as this is a huge market for Pharmaceutical Exporters. Myanmar has only 2/3 manufacturing company for some very ordinary product. Market is huge in volume but only limiting factor is pricing of the products. We have decided to set this market as OTC for the common products with minimum margin and go for volume. Finally, this strategy worked and the volume is increasing. Besides we are also in process of registering newer prescription only products like Sitalia M, Linatin, Nebinor etc. with a better profit margin to have a balance in profit volume. We are expecting that this will give us a remarkable business success in the coming years.


B5. SRI LANKA: This Country was also not giving us expected business due to wrong selection of the partners, and some slow government processing of agency Transfer and registration renewal and new registration approval by the NMRA (National Medicine Regulatory Authority). Finally, we have some partial success after waiting for more than two years. If we keep our focus on the registration and regulatory issues on a regular basis we are expecting that this market will give us huge revenue. There are some threats as well as the government is already implementing MRP rules for essential medicine as a commitment of providing affordable health care for its citizen which can force us to sacrifice some profit to continue the business. Secondly NMRA is restricting registration of products which are already having twenty or more brands registered with NMRA. We are focusing on the newer molecule for launching in this market to tap into the immense business potentiality. We are expecting a substantial breakthrough in business progress from Sri Lanka in 2018.


B6. GUATEMALA: This country has a very small market but the products prices are very good and profitable one. We got some products registered in this market and the volume of business is increasing day by day. Growth in this country is good but needs our regular communication to increase the business and that we are doing.


C. What New to Explore:


1. Contact manufacturing for export market, market specific newer molecules (such as Anti-Malarial and Anti Viral products for Africa; Newer patented molecule for the Asian Markets etc.).
2. Exploring western Africa and French speaking East African countries in 2018 with special focus on Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and Malawi.
3. Other than this, we will also explore Latin American Countries and the Caribbean Islands specially PERU and Chili.


D. Achievements in 2016-2017


We had achieved a growth of 90.88% over the previous financial year. And we had achieved the land mark of One Million USD. Some long expected business growth we achieved in Myanmar by registering some new molecule.


E. Limitations/Threats/Opportunities


As a mid-level Pharmaceutical Company, we have some limitations but in spite of that we have much more opportunities than our limitations. One of our major threat is the stringent regulatory system in different countries. Regulatory requirements for different countries are changing every now and then and it becomes the major threat for us. But we are moving forward and facing the challenges by developing our knowledge, dedication and also renovating and installing new machine and technology for facing the ever changing regulatory need. Insha Allah we will face the challenges and keep our upward trend in the coming year as well.


Comparative business scenario of our major revenue earning Countries like Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia are given below for FY 2017-2018 and FY 2016-2017.