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Welcome to Delta Pharma

Company Overview



Delta Pharma


A leading Pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh.





Year of Establishment as PVT Co. :   1964
Year of Ownership Transfer :   2000
Year of Re Launch :   2005
Year of Conversion into PLC :   2007
Status :   Public Limited Company (Non Listed)
Business Line :  
Manufacturing and Marketing of Pharmaceutical Finished Products
Authorized Share Capital :   BDT 1,000 Million
Paid-up Share Capital :   BDT 359.37 Million (Up to 30 June 2018)
Number of Total Shareholders :   1,329
Number of Employees :  
1,430 (As on June, 2018 - Permanent 1315, Casual 111 & Contractual 4)


Strategic Views


However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results



Our Object


Our object is to conduct transparent business operation within the legal & social frame work in order to attain the declared vision.



Who We Are


Where there is a will, there is a way. Patients are our will.


Delta Pharma Ltd is a leading pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh which focused on improving patients lives by identifying, developing and producing meaningful products that reflects our motto: Better Care Better Cure



As a part of our commitment to our patients, we are continuing to expand our product portfolio and research and development that can influence our identical expertise. We always remain devoted to the highest standards of quality, safety and integrity. Our dedication is based on respect for the individual, as well as the communities and the world where we live.


What We Do


We do nothing, but everything for our Patients.


We are able to make a footprint in our health care sector through our punctuality, sincerity, honesty, loyalty, dedication, ethical practice, positive attitude of our professionals. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them. Webelieve that Delta Pharma will be able to provide the best possible products in pharmaceuticals sectors through quality, diligence and transparency.


We are strongly represented in the market by a growing line of products, some of which are the FIRST TIME in Bangladesh. Our manufacturing plant is with state of the art of technology, operated by qualified quality assurance and quality control personnel. For manufacturing our products, we procure high quality raw materials from reputed sources across the globe.


We do believe "QUALITY" is not confined in the production site, rather "QUALITY" is the result of collaboration with development, design, procurement, production, promotion, sales, after-sales service and other areas of business process. That is why we maintain "QUALITY" not only in the manufacturing site, but also in Customer service. We always try to do, what customers expect from us.


Chronology of Progress

Those who do not move, do not notice their chains
1964 : Year of Establishment
2000 : Year of Ownership Transfer
2000-04 : Manufacturing Plant transferred to Pakundia, Kishoreganj , about 100 KM away from Dhaka City
2004 : Re Launching of Delta Pharma Ltd.
2007 : Year of Conversion into Public Limited Company
2009 : First Product Registration for Export
2009 : First Product Export to Myanmar
2010 : First ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
2017 : ISO 9001: 2015 Certification
2018 : GMP Clearance from FDA Philippines

Our People


The quality of peoples life is directly proportion to the commitment of excellence

Working at Delta Pharma Limited is like being part of an extended family. Our culture, our communication channels and people centered management policies make us one of the best organizations to work. Our congenial work environment and open channel communication foster creativity, responsibility and a sense of ownership in every employee.


Our management personnel are experienced and skilled professionals with distinguished career records. Their clear vision to the companys target and dynamic leadership are shaping Delta Pharma into a company capable of coping with future challenges. The team spirit of the employees emanates essentially from their dedication and sincerity to the company's cause. Sharing knowledge, working together and harmonizing all tasks are some important aspects that Delta Pharma focuses on in regards to its employees, thus striving in earnest to establish a corporate culture within itself. As a part of our global standard strategy, we have given high priority on employees up-to-date knowledge and development. The Human Resources Division of the company is engaged not only in recruiting the best people, but also regularly invest in the training and development to push their career ahead. Through our HR initiatives, we are continuously working to create an industry standard environment where goals and aspirations of the employees are intertwined with the companys success.




Sister Concerns of Delta Pharma Ltd.


Making money is an art, but good business is the best art

Delta API Limited:


Delta Pharma has recently opened a new subsidiary company named Delta API Ltd. By opening of this company, Delta Pharma has been incorporated into manufacturing of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for local and foreign market. The company got a plot of 3.27 acres for API Plant at API Industrial Park, BSCIC, Gazaria, Munsiganj.


Delta API Ltd. wants to build a multiproduct API manufacturing plant that can manufacture molecules which has good local markets and also has export potential. For more information click here..


Delta Limited:


Our mission is to benefit the country people and improve their quality of life with our excellent services. We would like to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality services at an affordable cost. Our mission is to establish academic institutions, training & research organization for developing qualified & skilled human resources in all possible avenues. We want to inculcate new & innovative ideas. We are committed to achieve our goal through skilled, creative and motivated employees with highest professional standard.


Under Delta Limited we have five hospitals including diagnostic centers which serves our poor people at affordable price. We use highly sophisticate instruments and most of our doctors are post-graduates and potential in their respective subjects. For more information click here..


Jatrabari  Mirpur  Rampura  Mymensingh Chittagong