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The Plant is situated at village - Tarakandi, Upazilla – Pakundia, District – Kishoreganj, Bangladesh which is on the west side of Pakundia – Hossenpur upazilla connecting road. The plant is at eastern corner and about 100 km from Dhaka. The plant was set up in 2004 having an area of 10 bighas (approx.) of land.

Manufacturing Unit:

Our manufacturing plant is located in Kishoreganj which is about 80 km away in the North-East of the capital city, Dhaka. This is a state of the art manufacturing facility for oral dosage forms and all facilities have been developed meeting the requirements of cGMP. The plant is designed for segregation of raw materials, proper management of in-process materials, and storage of finished products under controlled conditions. We have segregated and dedicated manufacturing facilities for general production and Cephalosporin production.

Highly sophisticated HVAC systems are used to control the environmental condition, monitor and supply clean air to the working zone according to the cGMP complience manufacturing zone concept, capture and control any dust, vapour, gas or fume generated, as well as treatment of exhausted air. Segregated heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning systems are designed to facilitate the manufacturing process and to prevent cross-contamination. The manufactureing operations are carried out according to the validated procedure maintaining man-material flow by using most modern and sophisticated machineries.

General Production Unit: Production capacity per year.

Cephalosporin Unit: Production capacity per year.

ETP Plant:

Waste materials generated during operation are neutralized through different chemical and biological treatment (ETP). Waste materials are removed at appropriate intervals and properly disposed. The capacity of the ETP plant is 1000 lit/hr. The output (water) of the treated material is environmental friendly and even suitable for gardening.