Message From The Managing Director


Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain
Managing Director, Delta Pharma Ltd.

I would like to begin by extending my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who have continuously supported and aided in the development of Delta Pharma Limited.

Delta Pharma Limited is the dream product of all the prudent entrepreneurs who had once dreamt of an organization which is completely dedicated to the wellbeing of all the citizens locally and internationally. The organization which began as a small-scale factory is now a well reputed infrastructure in the entire nation. The reputation has been rightfully earned through the assortment of all the state-of-the-art equipment, well experienced personnel who have been thoroughly trained by national and international experts alike. We strive to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing cGMP and related guidelines. This ‘ahead of time’ thinking has helped in maintaining the world class quality of our medicine. Our only responsibility is the healthcare of the people. We do not only aim for better healthcare, but also made it a target that we can reach our product to the people in a cost-effective manner. Be mindful, cost-effective manner does not, in any way, hamper the quality of our medicine. The mindset of better cure at affordable price is instilled in every personnel’s heart. We have utilized the latest and efficient technology and methodology which has enabled us to produce and distribute quality products to everyone in need. COVID-19 has imposed a major setback to every individual in the world. The pandemic has effected every individual and organization alike. We have lost lives in such numbers that is beyond our imagination. Our mournful respect to all the families who have lost their loved ones to the vicious COVID-19. The pandemic did manage to startle us in the beginning, but it only made us stronger. It taught us ways to reach people in unconventional ways. It taught us to care more for each other in the times of great peril. In order to help people in maintaining their faith in humanity we have continued to supply medicine to all parts of the nation. We have made it our goal to let everyone know that Delta Pharma Limited is still and will always be with the people in any crisis. We have worked towards supplying medicines related to COVID-19 and associated ailments (such as, Ivermectin, Baricitinib, Hydroxychloroquine, Fexofenadine, Azithromycin, Vitamin D3, etc.). When it comes to lending a hand to the needy, Delta Pharma Limited is always at the front foot. We have passionately contributed to various donations of medicines, sanitizers, PPE kits, masks, gloves, food items, etc.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Delta Pharma Limited has operated obliging to the restrictions and guidelines set forth by the Government. The management has put extra efforts in making sure that all the employees are safe from the affects of COVID-19. The combined endeavor of the management and employees has kept the operation running smoothly. Due to lockdown the common people were unable to consult with the health professionals face-to-face. To mitigate this problem, our ingenious staff of Delta Pharma Limited came up with the idea of webinar with respected health professionals. The crucially informative webinars were posted on the social media platforms every week, to keep the general public aware of the ongoing situation and the remedies. We have remained successful in meeting the requirements of our nation, which encouraged us to export our products worldwide. We had begun our exportation in 2009 and in just a decade our facility has earned the accreditation from many Foreign regulatory authorities on the merit of our Quality Management System. At present we regularly export to 09 countries worldwide, which include Afghanistan, Cambodia, Guatemala, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Sudan. We keep ourselves occupied with the thought of improving the quality of our product and service. The various accreditations are the badge of quality we so proudly adore. Delta Pharma Limited is trying to extend its business in API market. With this view we have already formed a new subsidiary company named Delta API Ltd. in 2017. We are already seeing the success in the horizon with the help of propositions and recommendations of global experts. The essence of Vision, Ethics, Responsibility, Teamwork, Devotion and Commitment is forever inoculated in the spirits of Delta Pharma Limited. And with these values we will continue achieving our goal of producing better medicine and reaching these medicines to everyone at affordable prices. We are confident that Delta Pharma Limited will have even brighter future in tomorrow’s business arena all over the world. This is our promise to all that as long as Delta Pharma Limited exists, people of every section of the society will have their right to consume better healthcare. Allah Hafiz.

Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain
Managing Director
Delta Pharma Ltd.