International Marketing

There’s no locality on the web- every market is a global market

Global pharmaceutical industry is one of the most sensitive and regulated business sectors. Bangladesh develops this sector due to its industry friendly government policies and now this industry fulfills 98% of the local market demand.In addition to that Bangladesh is exporting

more than 150 countries around the world including USA, UK, and European Union. Extension of the WTO TRIPS gives us the opportunity to produce any patented products in generic version and that creates a huge opportunity for us to go for contract manufacturing since we have the capacity and technology for it.

Delta Pharma Limited gives priority in International Business from the beginning, we have started our export operation and exploration in April, 2007 formally by recruiting dedicated person for exploring export market. We got our first product registration in 2009 from FDA Myanmar and started formal export in mid of 2009. Recently we have got the GMP certificate from FDA, Philippines which strengthen our export business.Now we have regulatory business with 9 countries and with other 5/6 countries our registration process is ongoing. We have a strong desire to put our strong footing in Africa in 2018 onwards.